Movies – I Love ’em

Hi all

I’m fortunate enough to get to see all sorts of films, big and small – sometimes before they’re released, sometimes not (if they’re released at all) – so I thought I’d put my thoughts on some of the smaller independent films into the wider world if I liked them. And occasionally I’ll pop in the odd bigger movie too.

If I don’t like a film, then I’m probably not going to mention it at all.

Unless I’m really annoyed.

That’s why there are a lot of films that I see that aren’t here – they’ll be covered by a whole host of other websites, blogs and media – or I thought them so terrible I thought best not to mention and hopefully the filmmaker will get another chance and do better next time.


PS. I’m never going to go into massive plot details on any film, so you don’t have to worry about spoilers.

PPS. Sometime my frequency of posts can be a bit erratic – this is either because:

1. The tiny films I’ve seen weren’t really ones I could shout about or

2. I’m caught up in one of my own movie projects!


Author: fosstuff

I'm a writer, director, producer & composer

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