We are the strange (2007) dir: M. dot Strange

Cripes. I remember trying to watch this movie online and giving up. Seeing it on the big screen is an altogether different and pleasing experience. This is an anime movie created pretty much by one man – Mr M. dot – and its had more than 1 million views online (on YouTube) and been a minor DVD success. It’s also been subtitled into nearly 30 different languages (courtesy of M dot’s online community).

More people have seen this film than go see a really successful indie movie at the theatre.

It’s not easy to watch. I just had to let the imaginative visuals wash over me and immerse myself in it (something I couldn’t do online). Not much plot – players have to battle the evil overlord – it’s been grown from vidgame roots which it wears proudly on its sleeve.

I look forward to M dot’s anime samuraii movie coming to an ipod near you around 2010/11.


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