In Search Of (2008) dir: Zeke Zelker

Ok.. Let’s start with the BFI London Film Festival You have to start somewhere, right?

In Search of.

I knew nothing about this film. Someone gave me their ticket for it so I thought I’d go. The screening must have been ultra secret as it’s not even listed on the LFF website. Anyway, this was the first public screening of this small indie film about the interweaving relationships (usually sexual) of 10 people. It was beautifully acted and quite frankly I was stunned by this little gem of a film that I knew nothing about.

It’s weird, but it has kind of spurred me to start this blog. I’ve seen a lot of fantastic (and bloody awful) films that no one gets to see or even hear of (I’m going to chuck some of those films into this blog as well at some point) – so I thought I’d write about them, and maybe if you read my blog, one day you’ll check them out. But I digress.

‘In Search Of’ was kind of like Paul Haggis’s ‘Crash’ but the links between character and story was via sex rather than race.  It’s an American film made by an American, but if it had been made by a French or Italian director, Zeke Zelker would be hailed as some new auteur. The film was that good.

I do have one criticism though. It’s the marketing. I can see that Zeke is doing it himself, as like many independent filmmakers, he doesn’t yet have a distributor for his film. But he’s getting it wrong big time. He’s kind of pushing the sex angle, in such a way, that it appears to be an exploitation pic – maybe to get bums on seats – but that’s not his audience (my blog, my opinion!). His audience for this film appreciates intelligently told, well crafted films about people, not tits and arse (though there’s absolutely nothing wrong in that – that’s just not what this film is about). If he’s not careful he’ll alienate those people who would be interested in seeing this film.

The film is about real people’s stories beautifully told, it’s quite European,  sure there’s a bit of nudity, but that’s really about it.

I’ve just googled Zeke and he has a blog on here. Well I never.


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One thought on “In Search Of (2008) dir: Zeke Zelker”

  1. Unintentionally amusing movie at times. Other times being naive ruled. Ultimately I gave in to my basest thoughts and wanted most of the leading characters dead.

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