Alice in Wonderland 3D (2010) dir: Tim Burton

First of all I’m a huge Tim Burton fan.

But every now and again he screws up (remember Planet of the Apes? ‘Nuff said).

Sometimes I have to pay to see a movie, sometimes I don’t. My wife really wanted to see this at the Odeon Leicester Square (in London). It was the most expensive cinema ticket I have ever bought (£17.50 each or about $26 – and I bought the cheapest priced ticket – ok so I can be tight). And guess what? I want my money back!

It was not only dull and lifeless but it committed the ultimate movie crime. IT WAS BORING!!!!!!!

Pleasant eye candy for about 20 minutes. It had some great character design and it had a cool voice cast but you know, lets have a decent plot and some witty dialogue. All the best bits are in the trailer.

It was so disappointing… I don’t really want to say anything more.

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