Fifty Dead Men Walking (2008) dir: Kari Skogland

I saw this a while ago but just hadn’t had a chance to put pen to paper (so to speak).

This is a very loose adaptation of an autobiography by a former IRA member who decided to pass information over to the British security services – the film is set in Northern Ireland in the 1980s. I didn’t have any pre-expectations about the film – all I knew was that it was a thriller.

Having got over the awkward voice over at the start (which just totally threw me – it didn’t make any sense!) – the film evolved into a exploration of a young man, Martin, living in Belfast, caught between the British and the IRA and not wanting to be part of either.

And what a great story it made. Jim Sturgess was utterly convincing as Martin and once I’d got over the fact that it was Sir Ben Kingsley doing the voice over, and his weird wig (which was far superior in The Wackness (2008)) – I was gripped.  Jim Sturgess has got to be one of the best young actors around.

Its been released in the UK but I don’t know who has picked it up for the USA.

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