Turn the river (2008) dir: Chris Eigeman

I saw this at a small screening a few months back. Didn’t know anything about it but the title sounded interesting. I think the film may have had a small release in the USA, I haven’t seen it released anywhere else yet. I can’t understand why, as Famke Jannsen is terrific in this story about a pool hustling Mum who had to abandon her son at birth but then strikes up a secret relationship with him when he’s 11.

Written and directed without any frills by Chris Eigeman (the teacher in ‘Malcolm in the Middle’) the story is gripping, well told and quite moving.

It’s also got Rip Torn in it, who I love anyway – I can’t remember the last time I saw him in a non-comedic role. He’s great here as well.

Maybe it’s out on DVD somewhere. I guess it just shows how hard it is for good indie movies to be seen – even if they’ve got a biggish star in them.

Author: fosstuff

I'm a writer, director, producer & composer

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